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Some call us miracle workers, others geniuses. We like to think we are a team of enthusiastic individuals. Getting approved for a loan doesn't have to be hard. At Home Team Lending we have helped thousands finance their dream home.

We’ve earned an impeccable reputation among local Realtors, New Home Builders, and Buyers in large by offering great rates, exceptional customer service, and being known as true Mortgage Experts. At Home Team Lending we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to assist borrowers with their home financing needs. We believe that helping and caring for people is of paramount importance in this business and take pride in educating our clients to best assist them with their short- and long-term financial goals.

Our unique system keeps all parties informed of the progress throughout the entire process, with constant updates. We couple good old fashioned hard work with industry leading knowledge and a seamless loan process, and truly believe in Building Relationships that build business, our community, and ourselves.

Experience the Home Team difference and you’ll quickly find out why we are known as “Your Favorite Lender.”

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There are six distinct phases of the mortgage loan process Here's what you need to know about each step.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Pre-approvals don't take much time. They involve pulling a three-bureau credit report (called a tri-merge) that shows your credit score and credit history as reported by third-party, respected institutions. Within the credit report, a lender can see your payment history (to see if payment obligations have been on-time and in-full) and your lines of credit (past and present).

House Shopping

First, national real estate portals don't have accurate home prices. In fact, Zillow’s home price estimates, called Zestimates, are off by about 8% nationally. The accuracy can drop even further when drilling down to specific towns and neighborhoods. Zestimate inaccuracy isn't necessarily a bad thing, it’s just something a smart home shopper should know.

Mortgage Loan Application

A few documents are needed to get a loan file through underwriting. Some of the information will be gathered online or over the phone. A lot of it will already be stated on some documents you'll provide, like employer address which can be found on a pay stub. While the list looks long, it won't take much effort to round them up. The lists below will help you keep track. Your loan officer will also indicate which items will not be needed and also help you prioritize which items to send in first.

Loan Processing

Loan processors gather documentation about the borrower and property, review all information in the loan file and assemble an orderly and complete package for the underwriter. They’ll open the file and get the following wheels in motion, Order credit report (if not already pulled for a pre-approval), Start verifying employment (VOE) and bank deposits (VOD),Order property inspection if required, Order property appraisal, Order title search.


The underwriter is the key decision-maker. They closely evaluate all the documentation prepared by the loan processor in the loan package. They cross check to see if the borrower and property match the eligibility requirements of the loan product for which the borrower applied. For example, for a VA loan, the underwriter will verify the borrower’s military service.


Documents (everyone in the mortgage industry calls them loan docs) are drawn, meaning they are printed out and sent to the title company (or attorney's office) where the closing meeting takes place. You can expect a big stack of papers.

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What your neighbors are saying...

Brando Nevarez
Brando Nevarez
Heather and Chris were amazing! Coming from a negative experience with New American Funding they were all we could ask for from a lending experience. Heather’s communication and responsiveness was second to none. They are extremely knowledgeable and patiently responded to all of our inquiries and concerns and trust me as first time buyers we had a TON! Nevertheless they made the lending experience smooth. We’d recommend them to anyone with our eyes closed!
Brooke Morrison
Brooke Morrison
I cannot put into words how amazing everyone at home team lending is! Another lending office in my area was unable to fund our loan because of their mistake so home team took it over and got us closed in 2 weeks. The communication was outstanding! They are very professional and I would recommend to everyone!
Terri Wilkinson
Terri Wilkinson
I am a realtor who knows a lender is the most important asset to your team. They can literally make or break a deal for you. With that being said, I absolutely LOVE working with Danny Gilbert. All my customers rave about him. He is always always available for questions or advice. He goes the extra mile. I’ve literally gotten deals with multiple offers because the other realtors knew his reputation for getting to the closing table quick and seamlessly.
A Spears
A Spears
Danny Gilbert helped me to get prequalified for a loan with much better terms than I was qualified for when I started my home search. After he assisted me with securing my lending, he was knowledgeable, helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process all the way to close. I would 1000% recommend Danny and his team to anyone looking to buy a home.
Ashley Sabelli
Ashley Sabelli
The Mortgage Mamas ( AKA Britni and Amanda ) are Phenomenal at what they do ! First class service! They were wonderful with my clients and most recently with our own personal home loan! They make the loan process seemless and stress free! They keep you informed and up to date the entire process ! Would highly recommend them! Thank you Ladies ! I look forward to further business with you in the near future!
Erin Reed
Erin Reed
Heather and Chris provided competitive rates/fees and had excellent customer service. I highly recommend reaching out to either one of them!
Qui Unique
Qui Unique
It was a pleasure having Chris Barfield & Heather Greiner on my team throughout the duration of my home buying process. They answered all my questions, highly informative, very responsive, & super friendly. I not only purchased a suitable home at a great interest rate but I also got people I can call on for future real estate ventures. Chris & Heather thanks for all your help you both are awesome!
Dragon Detailing
Dragon Detailing
Stephanie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always ahead of the ball during the entire loan process, easy to get ahold of and very supportive the whole way through. We will be recommending her to everyone we know. Thank you so much and keep up the great work!
Manny, Amanda, and Britni were always prompt in answering questions, emails, and phone calls related to our loan. The weekly updates were unexpected but very much appreciated. Thank you!
Rick Martin - IDT-C
Rick Martin – IDT-C
Outstanding management of the application and approval process. Wonderful communication throughout.


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