February 2022

Celebrating in their success and commitment to community Jeep has now developed a Jeep Beach Model Wrangler!

When Loan Officer Matt Gurnow came to us many years ago he had been on the Board for Jeep Beach for several years at that point. We looked forward to the event-driving over the sand hills, shopping after market parts, joining our friends in Jeepin' fun.... Cut to today 7 years later and not only is the Annual Jeep Beach week still a fun time but Matt and the board have donated OVER $2 MILLION...

Thank you @mestrong1 for all you’ve done to help so many families in our community

Family. Community. Service. Just a few things that come to mind on days like today where we see our town come together to do amazing things. Thank you @mestrong1 for all you've done to help so many families in our community. It was bittersweet this morning serving coffee & donuts to our neighbors at the finish line of this last 5k, but we are so grateful for the time together. Great job to Stephanie,...

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