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Manny & Amanda Sarnes moved to Volusia County in 2012 to open their branch of Home Team after living in and working in the Orlando area where Manny was a Loan Officer and Amanda was a Real Estate Broker. Having been in the business since 2002, they are truly a “real estate family,” and their literal & figurative marriage between Lender & Realtor affords them the true understanding and perspective of the entire process and path to homeownership from Pre-Qualification to Closing (and beyond). This unique advantage ensures each and every transaction is executed with exceptional professionalism. Availability, communication, and doing what you say you’re going to do…this formula not only makes for happy Realtor partners but creates happy clients for life.


As a company, Home Team’s Volusia branch grew quickly from it’s humble beginnings with just Manny, a processor, and a 200 sq ft office suite to now having two Volusia county locations and an unparalleled reputation of being a different kind of Mortgage Company built by people who care. Everyone here at Home Team gives their heart and soul to what we do, from community outreach programs to fun events together. We’re absolutely committed to being Your Favorite Lender in Volusia County, Florida, possibly even the world!

Meet our Work Family

Home Team...a different kind of mortgage company built by people who care.

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Each member of Home Team Lending shares these Core Values:

At Home Team Lending, we are Family.  We are Authentic.  We are always eager to be the Experts and take pride in being Problem Solvers.  We are Passionate about what we do and because we are all “People” People, we like to always come from a place of YES.  Whether your journey to home ownership takes a few weeks or a few years, if your goal is to be a home owner, then our goal is to get you there.

We’ve been helping people achieve their dream of home ownership our entire professional lives, and we’re lucky enough to have an amazing team of individuals who all possess an unwavering commitment to be a different kind of Mortgage Company built by people who care.


  • Credit: the higher the credit, the lower the rate and the lower the rate, the lower the payment. While we do lend down to 500 credit scores, we recommend a minimum credit score of 640 for the best rates and terms.
  • Debt-to-Income: This is the amount of your monthly liabilities in relation to your monthly income.
  • Assets: This is your cash on hand for down payment and/or closing costs/reserves; yes you can use 401K money and many of our borrowers do! You may also receive a gift from family or friends for your cash to close.
  • Work History: Underwriters like to see work history for at least 2 years with no gaps in employment over 30 days. If you have been in the military, or enrolled in school, we can use that towards your work history.

So you see, even if you’re just missing a couple of the items, with communication we can work together to make you a more solid borrower within the timeframe you feel most comfortable.  If you’d like to get a better idea of what your home finance options may be right now, we invite you to   

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Picking the right mortgage is as important as picking the right house

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Conventional Loans

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